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How to use Poo Paper targets

It's super easy once we print your uploaded image on our flushable discs (they aren't for your tush)!
‍4 steps from start to flush:

Step 1: Grab a sheet of Poo Paper

Step 1

Grab a Poo Paper disc

Step 2: Lay the Poo Paper on top of the toilet water

Step 2

Place the Poo Paper disc on top of the toilet water

Step 3

Do your thing!

Step 4: Flush and marvel at how much better you feel

Step 4

Flush and marvel at how much better you feel!

How to order Poo Paper targets

It's easy! Select one of the options below. Poo Paper target packs start at $8.99/pack with FREE shipping!

Pooey, our mascot

Use One of Our Images

Select a royalty free image from our in-house library that you'd like us to print and send to you on the Poo Paper targets!

Pooey, our mascot

Or Use Your Own Image

Upload the image you'd like us to print and send to you on the Poo Paper targets! This is the most popular and the most fun!

The Purpose

A fun to-do for your daily poo poo!

Our aim πŸ˜‰ is to provide a fun purpose to our regular poo and pee times besides catching up on social media or participating in that video conference call with work. Poo Paper toilet targets let us express ourselves in the comfort and privacy of our bathrooms!

~73 hours
Spent pooping in a year
6-7 times
How often we pee in a day (average)

Poo Paper Toilet Targets

Pooey, our mascot

Are made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly, dissolving paper

Pooey, our mascot

Dissolve naturally (quicker than a fiber drink) and won’t clog anything (but your poo might!)

Pooey, our mascot

Are old pipes, septic, and RV black water friendly!

Pooey, our mascot

Are so safe it can be eaten (but not recommended)

Step 4: Flush and marvel at how much better you feel

The Benefits

What are the benefits of using Poo Paper?Β We are glad you asked!
  • Don't lose your sh*t!
  • Levity and laughter
  • A happier us!
  • Better sportsmanship
  • Less fighting (not officially proven)
  • Satisfaction of a Poo With A Purpose!

Feel Good Guarantee

Guarantee badge

We guarantee at least a smirk after using Poo Paper. If not, let us know and we'll refund your purchase or send you a different pack of Poo Paper.

Poo Paper logo - orange
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