About Us

Who? What? Why?

Everyone poops. Let's make it fun and cathartic!

Step 2: Lay the Poo Paper on top of the toilet water
The Idea

Where in the world did this come from?

What started as a sarcastic and silly comment between friends at dinner turned into, "What if?" and then, "Can it be done?" 

Once we determined we could indeed create a physical product, we then asked the question, "Would people laugh?" We figured if folks didn't laugh at the absurdity of the idea and then laugh when using the product, then it wasn't worth bringing it to market.

Luckily for our tushes, there were laughs during our market testing. Lots of laughs. Lots of poo, too. But, that's the idea! As more and more tested the product, the use cases started to solidify 😉.  

Poo Paper is manufactured, printed, assembled, mailed, and supported out of the Midwest, USA!

We have some improvement ideas in progress so please stay in touch (sign up for our newsletter)! 

The Purpose

A fun to-do for your daily poo!

Our aim 😉 is to provide a fun purpose to our regular poo and pee times besides catching up on social media or participating in that video conference call with work. Poo Paper lets us express ourselves in the comfort and privacy of our bathrooms!

~73 hours
Spent pooping in a year
6-7 times
How often we pee in a day (average)

The Paper...

Pooey, our mascot

Is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, dissolving paper

Pooey, our mascot

Dissolves naturally and won’t clog anything (but your poo might!)

Pooey, our mascot

Is septic and RV black water friendly!

Pooey, our mascot

Can be eaten (but not recommended)

Step 4: Flush and marvel at how much better you feel
Poo Paper logo - orange
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