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How To Make Every Flush Fun

June 3, 2024

Greetings to all bathroom users! 

Do you know we spend on average 73 hours a year sitting on the toilet? Whether that's because we are hiding from our kids or boss, scrolling on our phones, or simply answering the call of nature, our at-home porcelain thrones get a lot of seat time. So why not have fun while we’re there?? 

Enter Poo Paper Toilet Targets! Poo Paper Toilet Targets were created as a fun way to blow off steam, cheer for a team, or practice aim. These dissolving sheets can have virtually any image you want on them, including several fun selections from our premade images and multi-image packs. 

The process is easy: Visit our online store (, shop for your perfect target, wait for it to arrive at your door, and when it does arrive, take them to the bathroom, drop a single target in the toilet, do your business, and smile.

Poo Paper Toilet Targets allow you to customize your bathroom visits so that you can go on your terms—on whatever (or whomever) you please.

There are a variety of uses for Poo Paper! For example,you can use our floating targets for: 

  • Sports rivalries (be a super fan from the comfort of your bathroom)
  • Poop on a politician (they are all so annoying, amiright?)
  • Getting revenge on an Ex / a boss/ a neighbor (because we want to avoid any visits from the folks with handcuffs on their belt)
  • Giving Poo Paper to someone who is learning or who needs a reminder on how to aim (such as kids and those who like to pee standing up) 

We here at Poo Paper believe clean fun is important, and that’s why we made sure that our Toilet Targets are biodegradable, safe for all sewer types, and environmentally friendly. You can use our Toilet Targets with confidence! 

See it in action here: