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Let Poo Paper Toilet Targets Help You Stay Sane During the 2024 Presidential Debate

June 20, 2024

Greetings to Americans of all ages! 🇺🇲 

Another four years have come and gone, and it is again our time to choose a spry, young president to run our country. Yes, that’s right, over the next bunch of months, we get to watch peaceful and respectful debates where candidates will talk about the wonderful world-saving policies they wish to implement, and certainly not how sleepy one candidate may be, or how many felonies another might have. No, our country’s presidential debates are downright, well, presidential, right? Ha! NOT! 

Here’s the deal, we here at Poo Paper can’t control how the presidential debates will go, nor can we help you to decide who to vote for. What we can provide, however, is an opportunity to express your ire by crapping on one, two, or all presidential candidates. Don’t like one candidate’s policy? Dump on them. Can’t stand another candidate’s opinions? Flush them down the drain! The point is, Poo Paper can help bring you a little joy to the otherwise all-out chaos that is running for office. Poo Paper Toilet Targets can help you lessen frustration, have a good laugh, or simply feel more in control (besides casting your vote) over who you want in office. 

See it in action:

• Trump:

• Biden:

Poo Paper Toilet Targets can also be used as a substitute for the typical drinking games that accompany these debates, whether you are watching alone or having a group viewing party. For example, every time they stray from the topic and start using personal attacks? Go use a target. Every time they blame the other for inflation? Go use a target. There’s gonna be so many opportunities to use a Poo Paper Toilet Target that by the end of the debate, you’ll be ready for a colonoscopy.  

And don’t worry, Poo Paper offers a 20-targets pack in preparation for a lot of irritation during the 90-minute debate.

Order your presidential candidate Poo Paper Toilet Target @ and do your part to “dump” on the candidates. Select one of the available Trump or Biden pictures or upload and order your desired image of them! We’ll print and send your eco and sewer friendly toilet targets for you to put in the bathroom. During every bathroom break, use a Poo Paper Toilet Target and have a laugh as you flush away your annoyance.