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Bachelorettes: Your Last Poo Before I Do

July 9, 2024

Dearest Poo Paper Blog Readers,

Wedding season is upon us and we would like to extend our warmest wishes to any 2024 brides, and our deepest condolences (yet best wishes!) to any 2024 bridesmaids tasked with planning extravagant bachelorette parties. We here at Poo Paper know how stressful it can feel when planning a party for someone else, so we want to provide a fun and unique way to lighten the load by making any bride laugh – and the bridesmaids too! 

Poo Paper toilet targets can be custom designed to fit any bachelorette party’s wildest dreams. Want to print out the husband-to-be? Or all of the bride's and wedding party’s exes? We got your backside covered! All you have to do is choose the picture or pictures you want to print onto the targets, upload them to the site, and we will send them your way! 

These dissolving targets are eco friendly and completely biodegradable. Unlike the nuptials, Poo Paper flushes away in seconds and can be used for all kinds of fun scenarios! For example, the bride can flush being single down the drain, or take an image of anyone or anything the bride wants to metaphorically dispose of before entering their new partnership.  You could even print out pictures of the bride from all of their different eras, and have each bridesmaid take turns sharing stories about the bride in a certain era before flushing it down the drain!

If your custom targets are a hit, consider ordering additional versions and using them as party favors for your guests — it’ll be  a fun way to send the happy couple off with a big splash!