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Using Poo Paper Toilet Targets to Get Over The Ex

June 3, 2024

Greetings to survivors of situationships, relationships, and I-downloaded-Hinge-and-went-on-a date-with-a-total-weirdo-ships. We would first like to congratulate you on the immediate upgrade of leaving whoever this person was (whether they dumped you or you dumped them)! Second, we can provide you with a fast-track way to flush them out of your system: Take a dump on them. 

Now, we here at Poo Paper don’t condone getting over someone by actually putting poop on them. However, if you were, say, to have a picture of them on an eco-friendly, biodegradable target in your toilet, and then use that 2-D version as a bullseye for your time on the throne, it could make you feel… lighter… like you dropped a literal and symbolic load. 😉

The point of the matter is breakups are hard, often confusing, and can leave you with anger that has nowhere productive to go. We understand that, have been there ourselves, and have chosen to do something about it. 

Will dumping on a picture of your ex make everything better and bring a new partner into your life? We can’t say, but what it can do is provide you with a moment of levity and laughter. Poo Paper Toilet Targets offer a symbolic but powerful way to flush someone out of your life. We can almost guarantee that watching your ex disintegrate as you flush your toilet will bring you joy, a feeling that you more than deserve. 

Wondering how you can flush your ex out of your life? We offer a few fun suggestions here: 

  • Throw yourself a “dump on the ex” party! Invite over your closest friends, eat good food, have yummy drinks, watch movies,  dance, and then ceremoniously, when it’s time to relieve yourself of all that food and drink, you all can dump on your ex in the comfort of your private bathroom. Just float your customized Poo Paper Toilet Target in the commode, aim, go, and flush.

  • Have your own “remove them from your life” ritual. Light some candles, channel your inner Stevie Nicks (looking at you, Lindsey Buckingham), play your fave break-up anthem, grab the customized Poo Paper Toilet Target, aim, go, and flush. 

  • Create space for some self-care. Don your best “revenge” outfit and prepare to take yourself out for the day (or night). Right before you head out the door, use the bathroom and show your ex what they are missing one last time: Place your customized Poo Paper Toilet Target in your toilet, aim, go, and flush. We know you’ll look great and step out with a smile on your face. 

Just know that whatever you decide to do, your friends at Poo Paper are rooting for you!

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